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Hearing Voices

So an unexpected delight this week was I got to hear a couple of audition clips for the audiobook of BLACK TIDE.

It was just preliminary, two short selections, one from each of Mike and Beth's respective opening POV chapters, but I was still pleasantly surprised by the different rhythms and inflections and little sparks of attitude the voice actors found in the same strings of words I've read dozens of times over.

I've written and cast short films before, so I'm not a complete stranger to the interpretations actors bring to characters (just as I'm fully aware that my own mental productions probably veer wildly from those of the authors' I'm reading), but still, Mike and Beth have lived in my head for so long that I was a little apprehensive to hear them in somebody else's voice. Would I even recognize them?

An audiobook was not something that was ever really even on my radar when I first set off down this path, but now I'm really excited to be a part of its development--or to at least watch from a distance. I like to think I've learned how to shut up and let other people do their magic.

I'll let you know what happens next!


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