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Back to La la land

I'm going to get better about updating regularly, I promise (I do not), but this feels like as good a way as any to kick off this latest attempt.

It's been about two months since BLACK TIDE released, and I just want to thank everybody who has purchased, checked out, read, listened, reviewed, or otherwise sent me a kind word about your time with Mike and Beth on that lonely Oregon beach. Seriously. Putting a story out there in the world for people to enjoy has been my dream for so long, and the experience has exceeded even my wildest expectations.

So what does this motorcycle helmet have to do with anything?

Well, a screenplay I wrote--my second after the original BLACK TIDE back in '09--has been given an enormous refresh and is heading back out into the shark infested waters of script shopping. THE BIKER, as it is tentatively known (not my title; you can't win them all in this biz, so you really gotta pick your battles) is on its way to production companies who will hopefully spark to this tale of a man confronting his own worst self, externalized by his and his wife's horrifying highway encounter with the titular Biker. It's a wild ride, and I seriously hope to be delivering progress updates soon. This is another of those scripts that's close to my heart, and after a decade of idling, I hope its time to ride is finally here. If not, well... I guess I have another novel already outlined, hey?

Alright, that's it for now. Hope you're all as well as can be. Thanks for stopping by.


(helmet photo: vtwinpixel @ canva)

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