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Not a lot to report on this warm August Friday. Deep in revisions mode on Book the 2nd and trying to enjoy the summer weather while it lasts.

Current Reads: SUNDIAL by Catriona Ward and THE RETURN by Rachel Harrison and just loving the creeping dread of them both.

Current Plays: ELDEN RING on the Xbox (I didn't think any game would break my obsessive replaying of THE WITCHER 3, but the post-apocalyptic grimness and cosmic horror of The Lands Between has really stolen me away) and of course the ever-present treadmill that is DESTINY 2. I think there's been some new content added to TINY TINA'S WONDERLANDS so I'm sure I'll get back to that soon enough. Whether or not we'll get through this final campaign of Gloomhaven before its sequel arrives is anybody's guess. Not enough time on the weekends for it all.

Current Watch: Curtain is about to go down on BETTER CALL SAUL, which has been better than I ever imagined it would be, possibly surpassing its forebearer if I'm even allowed to say that. We started SANDMAN to satisfy our fantasy cravings, and we're well into the new seasons of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING, and UMBRELLA ACADEMY. There are just too many shows.

I did have a nice chat with the director of THE BIKER this morning, concerning the considerable violence in the script and whether we're using it responsibly as a storytelling tool. I really appreciate that sensitivity, especially in today's world. I've never been big on putting elements in my stories simply for their shock value, and I'm glad to be working with somebody who shares that attitude. Still cautiously optimistic that this project will truly materialize, but it feels like we're inching closer than ever before.

I guess that's all I have to report for now. If it's your weekend, have a great one. Thanks for stopping by.


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